West coast bound.

 Into the wild I go. 

Into the wild I go. 

Blogging from: Calgary International Airport, domestic departures, gate A3

First time to Vancouver Island and I hear it's beautiful. 8 degrees and rainy is the current forecast.  Today was the first day of spring.  We Calgarians got yet another sunshine day but it's so cold outside that I'm pretty sure we'll see some snow.  I knew not to believe them when they said it was spring. So I decided to go to a place where it would be true. 

it was literally as simple of having a 70-minute Skype date with my longtime friend Don, who's become a family friend, sometimes a cousin when it's easier not to explain, on Sunday.  He lives in Greater Vancouver.  He's known me since I was a child, literally, only we met online and never in person until 2007.  We spent the majority of the conversation about food since his girlfriend is a pastry chef at a swanky new restaurant. A few hours later, I booked a flight.


Continued: I've been in Nanaimo about 15 hours and it's been nothing short of magical so far.  There's so much beauty here, I can't believe it.  It's in the flowers, the sky, the smell of the water and in the genuity of people.  The YYC sunshine followed me.  This is exactly where I needed to be.

So far I've learned that life is always more beautiful off-screen - when you're not staring at your phone envying what other people are making visible.  And when that isn't true, go somewhere prettier.

The world is made to be seen, not imagined. 

More to come.