Your Heart Has Hands

Learn to forgive the apology you'll never get
Learn to understand the explanation you'll never receive
Learn to go forward in life with confidence and grace with the blessing you'll never be granted

Give yourself permission
Take what's yours
The things people will say when they're jealous of your success are whispers compared to your own regret if you hold back in fear
Don't worry about loving other people
I know how that sounds
But let people love you and concentrate on loving yourself every damn day
I don't mean that in a shameful preachy way that it's usually glazed over with as a message to women
I mean give yourself big hugs and look into your eyes in the mirror and smile at that beautiful woman and hold yourself when you cry because your own two arms are the only ones you need
All the other pairs are bonuses
And when you make it a point to fall in love with yourself every day
And find new angles, inside and out, that you look beautiful from
Loving other people will be easy
You can light any number of candles with just one of your own
As long as you don't put that fire out
So keep burning
And don't worry if it gets too hot for some people
If you scorch them and the earth beneath them
They were in the way
Don't stop moving just because other people don't like it
There will be other people with bigger and brighter spirits like yours at the end of the tunnel
That will lift you up and love you for who you are
You just have to get there

Don't hold back
Don't be ashamed
Of being a force of nature
A bolder kind of woman
You might find that you're too big for where you are
Your spirit too loud, your soul too real, your imagination way too tall
Don't ever cut yourself down
Move to where there's more space for you
And keep growing

Grow like a fucking weed
Make things ugly and then pretty again
Make yourself known
And don't apologize for what you need
Just like how we ask for food, water, and shelter to survive
We also need space, understanding, and positivity to thrive
Other people won't always give us this
Our environment won't always give us this
That's why those self-hugs are so important
We can't wait for other people to feed our souls
Each of our hearts have hands
That we can take, make, and create with
So keep planting your own garden
Reap from your own fertility
And no one can take your magic away from you
No one can say you didn't do it
Or didn't mean it
Cause baby it was all you

Women like us
Are the legends and the tidal waves
Works of art and the inspirations
Of all the poems that are worth a screenshot
Very few of those readers know
What it's actually like to love us
How hard it can really be
But we know best
We had to do it first
And we'll do it last

By no means are we impossible women
No less deserving
Perhaps even more grateful
Our souls only need basic things
But more
More space
More room
More love
It might seem like a lot to ask for now
But it will be harder to grow out of too small of a space
So take what you need now
While you're still small
And when you grow to fill the spaces
Open your arms
Hold the space for the people you love
The ones who did the same for you
Because you'll have room for them all
And more
When you love yourself first

So give yourself a big hug
There is space for you in this world
As much as you need, and more
As long as you're alive
Get out there and take what's yours
Whether that's a mountain, a beach, or a sea
I don't know what kind of air your heart breathes
It might not be what you've been breathing all your life
But take it now
Breathe it all in and exhale
Only when you're full
Then do it again
There's time
There's space
For you and I, there's a place
Exactly as we are

© Mary dela Torre, 2016