We Are The Narcissists

We are the narcissists
Shining and hollow
We stroke our own egos
But can't look in the mirror
After what we've done

The classic narcissists
Hiding in our closets
When confronted with the title
We shy away

We play modesty
To the good we've done
And we say we'll help the world
When the world made it so
We had to help ourselves

It's all about me
And it's all about you
Everyone who knows us
Knows it's all about me
And you

We are the narcissists
We chose
Partners like ourselves

When looking at you
Is looking at me
The same fucking person
You're my worst critic
That I was in my past life
Before I learned
To love myself

It's all about me
And it's all about you
It was selfish to think
It could be all about us

© Mary dela Torre, 2016