Ocean/The Anti-Narrative Part II

So pray to God for what it's worth
The earth, sun, and the Universe
Karma tipped the scale for me and I have one last chance
For salvation
This hard work gave me all the keys
Never again will I need
Someone to crack me open
Pour out my soul when it's boiled into something wet and thick and rancid
Never again will those staples go to waste from unbelieving
Never will I flow to tell a narrative that's not my own

I am the ocean
Blue with salty water
You can float along my surface
Or I can drown you in my depth
The weight of my pain
And all my regrets
Those mistakes will wash away
Forgiveness is the final storm
But in my pool, they remain
A part of me
And you
Whether you're here
Or I lost you
Know you're always found
In my heart
No matter how long ago
Moon phases
And years in which we've grown
Loved and lost
Moved on and found
A place to call our own

I once was just a single tear
I hit the earth
And dried
A steady stream of sadness
In twenty years, I was the tide
And I thought I made nice scenery
They wrote promises right next to me
They said it would be forever
I never knew forever
And so I doubted forever
And I killed all forevers
In my flow
Sometimes peaceful
Sometimes raging
I washed out every letter by the hopeful, heartfelt lovers
The children before their first fall and
The dying who lived through it all
They loved me still
For my beauty
My calm
My un-sorry continuance
To be what I was
So dangerous
Yet I set the whole world free

I am the ocean
I am the end
The beginning
And the promise of forever
To change
To start over again
Draw out your wishes and your plans
Right beside me in the sand
Say your prayers, snort your lines
Then say goodbye
I promise I can make things new
But first
I'll say goodbye to you
And the life that we once knew
To thine own self
I will be true

© Mary dela Torre, 2016