Lilac Festival

Some people have all the money in the world
People at their feet for anything they need
Right now I feel like that
In a cab alone
We used to ride together
Your hand on my thigh
You were tired but ready to love me
And rip my pretty little tights off
Not long ago I had two addresses
Now I only have one
And don't get me wrong
I have all that I need
Good friends
New people to drink wine with
New people to play charades with
In this game sometimes I don't believe I'm playing
And I don't miss you except for in those moments
As the winter melts away
I'll remember a spring we fell in love
You picked me flowers
Held my hand as we walked along the river
I can't deny we had a good life
From the afternoons sipping rose and cappuccinos
To the late nights of Dominos takeout
That turned into the mornings
With a cityscape sunset
And the best sex I've ever had
No, I don't think about the balcony fights
The padded rocking chairs just inside the screen door
The way I tried to be ok with how you saw the world and how it shot mine down
I don't think about all that wine and cheese
And how we drowned each other
Resenting one another
When we should have been drawing
A blueprint for our future
Now with my head held high
Shorter hair and a smaller waist
I dust off my old Rouge wardrobe
Click my heels
And I'm one of your clients now
You make a living
Bending backwards for people like me
We might never see each other again
You got me to show me your magic
And then I learned how to use my own
And while its lonely in this cab tonight
In my all-black with red lipstick
I'll never ride with you again
Or ride you
It was once in a lifetime
Don't pretend you regret it
And I commend you for that night you decided
To take a leap of faith
And as if I wanted coffee and dessert alone
Cause your biggest mistake
Made me great
So thank you for that
It was fun
And smelled of lilacs

© Mary dela Torre, 2016