Dreams Are For Free

My nephew dreams about coming to America and becoming a waiter
My cousin, his mother, sighs and exclaims to her not-so-little boy:
"Dream big! Dreams are for free!"
They live in the Philippines
under a dictator who
slanders women and murders innocent young men
who have picked different poisons to inhale
Should my nephew's not-so-little dreams come true in this lifetime
He may see an America ruled
by a dictator who slanders women
and turns away innocent people of all ages
who seek different antidotes for life's ails
I never thought my own nephews
would come of age at such a dangerous time
when the most tolerable risk is to have
your dreams monetized
Free speech is a right
but racism seems to be legalized
Men are dying from smoking weed
shot in the street in front of their kids and wives
Every tragedy
A product of world political demise
No matter whose news I read
I want to shut my eyes
So open yours, Ate
If your son wants to make people happy
serving a basic human right on a silver platter
then let him be
The gift of dreaming
aspiring to achieve
seems to be the most dangerous of all
in 2017
They killed the land of the free
But the youth are still here
so let’s not
murder innocent dreams

© Mary dela Torre, 2017