Power's Out

Friday night by candlelight
has never felt so right
softly glowing
gentle flickers in the silence

I can’t hide from it anymore
I can’t block out the very stillness
that I came out here for
the distractions
tonight are no more
at some time
electric power is restored

I’m cut off
from infinite time and space
compressed into a tiny glowing screen
the noise
has ceased
it is only my thoughts
& me

I am blessed in this moment
to have everything I need
and more
I listen to the flicker of a tea light wick
and the soft
of wet snow outside my door

The scratch of my pen
& saturation of pages
How Glorious
to transcend digitization
and go back
to simpler times through the ages
to silence and stillness
and the glow of a flame
for warmth, survival
and to illuminate

This will be a grand evening
as long as this lasts
I’ll treasure each minute in the dark
burning wax
to see
nature’s gift to me
takes away for some time
what they on the grid depend on to survive
Leaving me in the silence
warm & well

Friday night by candlelight
romantic and free
it’s never felt so right

© Mary dela Torre, 2017