This Time

This time yesterday
I was here
I was dancing
To the beat of my heart
I’ve never had a love
That made me dance
The way you do

This time yesterday
It was cloudy
but I made my own sunshine
in the music
in the silence
without a voice

This time yesterday
I was preparing to dance
A tensor bandage on my knee
so my legs can grow longer
and my heart can grow stronger
I do it for me

This time yesterday
I still had faith
you’d pull through
you’d be okay
we’d still have a moment
a night together
even though with that first text
I knew

This time yesterday
I was thinking about
the secrets and the plans
I hide from you
to make you smile
to remind you
how important you are

By this time tomorrow
Radio silence
I won’t block your number
because my heart
is stronger than that

By this time tomorrow
I’ll be here
Preparing to pose
To be captured
in my imperfection
to remind the world
I’m important

By this time tomorrow
I’ll have forgotten
that long before the sun came down
last night
our love made me dance
and it broke me
one more time

By this time tomorrow
Maybe you’ll remember
all I wanted
was to love you
all I’ve tried to do
is love you
all you ask me for
is to love you
and you’ll try

this time tomorrow
you might decide to call
but you’ll wait awhile
’til before you retire
for an hour that suits you better
let alone
how it might fit on me

there’s never a right time
the hours keep moving
you ask me to love you
and not to kill
but how can I
when all that you do
is kill our tomorrows?

© Mary dela Torre, 2016