Some days and nights
It's black or white
The choice is between
Soldiering on in a cruel, hard world
Riddled with injustice and hurt and pain
Or quietly slipping away
Giving up slowly
And choosing to hit the 'end' button
Tonight is one of those nights
And the choice is too hard
I wish I could just live
Exist and not feel
Moment to moment without carrying
The weight of the world for a second
I'll never afford that luxury
That's one thing
My money can't buy
My heart is too broken
To keep on breaking
Do I protect what I have
And selfishly try to let it heal
Or do I throw away the pieces
And hope for something real
In a next life
If I give up tonight
I'll wish not to feel
I'll wish I can't hurt
Like this
In the next body I live in
And I'll wish for the courage
To heal broken hearts
Instead of the cowardice
To throw mine away
So excuse me
Let me retire
It's late
And my heart needs a break
Maybe I'll see you again if I wake
At least you got to listen
Before it was too late

© Mary dela Torre, 2016