Here's the truth
Hidden in positive thinking
And swirly typography
Some of us
Aren't loved
And some of us
Are better at loving others
It sucks
It's not fair
And no matter how many times
The wrong people say they love you
For some of us
It will never do a damn thing
So this is how you radically accept
An ugly truth like this one
Even when your life
In recovery
Perceived small steps
Are mountain climbs
And nobody likes your statuses
Nobody cares that you're trying
And ultimately
No matter how hard you try
The right people still don't love you
Know that
No matter who does love you
Even if you're loved by less
And understood by none
Compared to the unlovable fucks of this world who get all the attention
Because when you grow up
It doesn't matter who loves anyone
Literally everyone
Is worth more as a person
And deserves more love
Than we can ever measure
Life isn't fair
We don't always get what we deserve

© Mary dela Torre, 2016