Oh, What a Woman

this woman is a storm
she's been here
when the house looks like a tornado ran through it
the explosion on the floor says
"I don't wanna go home"
not because she's unhappy
but because
it isn't easy
and she's sick of being lonely
embracing bad weather
with a smiling, sunny demeanour
this woman is always tired
she drinks a river of coffee each morning
and moves from corner to corner
of a city with unpredictable weather
she flutters between the present and the past
speaking of the future
this woman is a still a daughter
with no desire to be a mother
she's been here since her house looked like
a tornado ran through it
so now she moves through temporary spaces
making them clean
en route
to a permanent home
she's headed out tomorrow
even though she's tired
this woman wanders
and she's a fighter
oh, what a woman

© Mary dela Torre, 2017