Never, ever again
Never, ever make your world small
Push yourself
Until you fall
Collapse into rigid airport seats after you barely made it through security on time
Wonder why you rushed through a shitty airport stuck in 1973
To get on a plane with 8 people on it
That was designed for 180

Get uncomfortable
Be a minority
Not for the colour of your skin but for your ignorance
Stick out like a throbbing, swollen sore thumb
Get lost in a sea of people
Speaking a language you can't understand to save yourself
And pieces of 10 others
And then go back in time

Hear people speaking a language you haven't heard in a decade
Then try it on for size
Realize for the first time in your life
How strong your own accent is
Fall in love with strangers
Not in the way Eat, Pray, Love romanticized
Find the pieces of yourself
In the people made up of the exact same pieces you have in you

Share the details
Without the context
Answer every question honestly
You have nothing to hide
You're here, you're alive
You are the truth
And that is nothing to be sorry for
Don't be alarmed that you're not homesick
Don't worry that you're not afraid
People wasted their lives being worried for you
Telling you to be safe

And you are
You always knew
That you are
Some of us are meant to wander and explore
Don't be afraid if you find
You're one of them
You'll find your way
Just know

That the destination doesn't end
But the joy comes from moving
Always be curious
And keep your mind wide open
With your arms crossed the world can't get to your broken heart to heal it
The world is so big
Never, ever let your world become small

© Mary dela Torre, 2016