How to make it in a small town (on an island)

Dig deep
into my own tenderest heart

Retrieve every buried memory
not to find new purpose
but to unearth
old, forgotten magic

Let words and music dance
from the depths

Make art that swirls
with every living colour
before I start again
but never forget
where I came from
even if I never come back

In small towns
minds grow to be small
even those which claim to be open
accept only the realities
they choose to know

On islands
cut off from fast-moving life
and the news

The cowards
the liars
bigots &
racists abound

So grow a thicker skin
if for a time
I wish to fit in

Respect is worth more than kindness
and in all the wrong places
I learn who I am

© Mary dela Torre, 2017