How To Piss Off Your Body: Take A 3-Day Break

I finished writing a long, heartfelt personal essay about how my past life events are no longer an acceptable excuse for my bad behaviour, in relationships or otherwise.  I do not have an acceptable excuse for what this entry is going to complain about, although I will try to prove otherwise ;)

Starting tomorrow, I'll have 5 official days left of the barre challenge.  Unfortunately I'm only at 21/30 classes.  9 classes in 5 days?  I don't think that's happening.  Not when I still have two more training sessions this week, tomorrow and Friday.  I took a 3-day break from Thursday on.  I noticed I had some soreness in my right rib area when I went to the gym on Thursday - at the time, a legitimate reason to skip barre - and then I didn't come back all weekend, one commitment failure crescendoing into the next like dominoes.  In all honesty, it had more to do with where my head's been at the last few days.  I did three classes straight on my birthday, Tuesday, so it wasn't because I was out drinking and partying.  I've really just been occupied.

Appropriately, I'm writing this entry now on Sunday evening to complain about how sore my body is.  That pain in my right rib area is now symmetrically in my left, only slightly lower on that side.  My knees are burning even though my joints haven't been pushed in a long time.  My back is all sorts of stiff and sore.  This is my own damn fault.  There's no question about that.

To be fair, I did book the classes.  I think I've racked up a good $50 in late-cancel fees this week between yoga and barre.  Oops.  I'm not exactly proud of that but that's the kind of week[end] its been.  The cost for mental absence is, well, that.

Solution?  I haven't booked any classes this week besides the Ballet Barre Works 4th Anniversary movie night at the Globe.  That's obviously not a class.  I guess I'm just going to try to get to 30.  I really don't think I'll make it; I'd have to do four doubles this week.   All the lofty 'secret' goals I had of making it to 33 and 35 probably would've worked if I kept my head in the game; that goes to show up much these endurance-based challenges are really about your mental health more than your body.  The truth is that in my actual situation, I have two extra days: May 1st and 2nd.  On Tuesday the 3rd, I'm getting another tattoo session done on my half-sleeve, and after that I have just under two weeks for it to heal enough before I go on my trip.  My last session was a pretty uncomfortable process to healing and so I expect this one to be worse.  No group/indoor exercise while it's healing, btw, especially in the first few days.  I have another week of going super hard, and then I won't have a choice… therefore, this break was completely uncalled for.  Bad me.

How do you stay committed to your workout goals?  What advice would you give anyone who struggles more with showing up to do the work than the work itself, in the fitness realm or beyond?  Let me know in the comments!