30 Day Barre Challenge: Day 3

Today I am grateful for: my legs that still work. my heart that still beats. my lungs that still breathe aaaaand the freaking Universe for not giving me a migraine today after an outdoor yoga class, barre class, AND being outside in the sun all day. Grateful, grateful, grateful.

This was day 3 of the Ballet Barre Works 4th anniversary challenge and I'm trying to do at least one class a day, for a minimum of 30 barre classes this month.  I bought the groceries, prepped the meals, cut out the sugar (less a few Girl Guide cookies that I bought last week, oops, but hey feminism) and so far I feel like my legs are massive and my belly is always full.  Maybe I do so much resting during the day that it cancels out my workouts.  I hope not.  Here's my 'before' pic.

I took it just over a week ago on March 26. I look better than I expected without pants on and I also look forward to what the rest of this month is going to do to me.  That and two sessions a week with my trainer and yoga when I can.'  Do it for the after photo,' they say.  So I will.  I'm trying to shape up for my next trip, which starts in mid-May and goes until mid-July.  Let's call this the beginning.  You've gotta start somewhere, right?