Thank you:

For the happiest six weeks of my life.
For allowing me to see the true colours of the world, even the ones that aren't beautiful. The truth is all colours, even (and especially) the ugly ones.
For the chance to pay forward all the selfless love others have given me.
For helping me realize my untapped strength and endless reserve of self-love, cultivated from thousands of hours and dollars in therapy, and tears on the bathroom floor long before I met you.
For uncovering a new depth of empathy and compassion for others in my heart I never would have opened up myself.
For showing me how little I know about the world and the kind of woman I want to be. It's having it all figured out, or the illusion of it, that stops growth.
For proving to me that I deserved everything we had, which was truly the entire world for a time, and moreover proving to me that I am indeed worthy and capable of love in it's finest, most show-stopping form.
For demonstrating the stark duality of people in carrying both your darkness and light. Consciously and unconsciously, you showed me the reality of people beyond the surface just as well as you showed me the world.
For re-igniting my ambition to see more of the world, and to challenge my fear.
For killing the old me. The naive, blinders-on, scared, careful me. I didn't, and never would have had the heart to do it myself.