I am tremendously grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given to develop my writing career in varied, and often unconventional manners. My last two years spent living on the coast of British Columbia have gifted me with an extraordinary education of the world we live in, both natural and humanly constructed, and my own place in it.

As my writing develops, my practice subsequently evolves: beyond my primary medium of creative nonfiction writing, I am continuing to grow as an artist, namely in the realms of visual art, storytelling, and community engagement. I will be finishing 2018 with a long-term relocation back to the prairies, where I will be growing my business and practice in Saskatoon. Here, I plan to lay seed to numerous future projects (many of them already in the works) which will serve to further my establishment in both the online and offline spheres.

As an artist and writer who is self-taught, with a marginalized identity that is greatly underrepresented in my field, it is of utmost importance to be able to operate outside the system. Due to the infancy of my career and my transience, I currently do not qualify for most grants available to artists; as a result, all my projects are funded by my own resources, and the resources themselves (independent study and professional development) are attained at the pace I can afford.

If you’d like to support my work and its ongoing development, please consider making a donation below. Your investment is not taken lightly, and I am grateful for your support.